1887-O VAM-38A

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1887-O VAM-38A 7 in Denticles, Pitted Reverse

Discovery February 2010.
38A III2 33 - C3a (7 in Denticles, Pitted Reverse) (181) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 33 - Small patch of fine raised dots from rusted die at upper lip.
Reverse C3a - Fine raised dots from rusted die at end of arrow heads, patch at lower right of right L in DOLLAR and lower right of O mint mark.



LVA Plate Photos:

1887-O VAM-38A Pitted-Lip.jpg 1887-O VAM-38A Pitted-Arrow.jpg
1887-O VAM-38A Pitted-LA.jpg

Additional Photos:

1887-O-38A-jbc-date.jpg 1887-O-38A-jbc-MPD.jpg

1887-O-38A-jbc-scratch.jpg 1887-O-38A-jbc-chip.jpg
Obverse pitting can be found by the upper lip in the field. On higher grade, well struck specimens, it will be evident all the way into the nostril. There is also a small patch of pitting between the first and second right stars.
1887-O-38A-jbc-lips.jpg 1887-O-38A-jbc-stars.jpg
There are three notable points for pitting on the reverse: by the tips of the arrowheads (the primary PUP), within and around the mint mark, and by the second L of DOLLAR.
1887-O-38A-jbc-ah.jpg 1887-O-38A-jbc-O.jpg

NM 1887-O VAM-38A MintMark.jpg 1887-O-38A-jbc-L.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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