1887-O VAM-25

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1887-O VAM-25 Doubled Eyelid

Discovered by Jeff Oxman, December 1998.
25 III221 · C3a (Doubled Eyelid) ( ? ) I-2 R-5
Obverse III221– Slight doubling all along bottom edge of eyelid, right inside of ear, hair strand just to right of ear and lower cotton leaf left side.

1. Similar to VAM 22, but doubling not as strong on stars or eyelid. Date has minor reverse slant and is solidly in the normal range (RH3 LH5). Mintmark slightly high with very slight tilt to right. LDS with long minor cud across all of PLURIBUS - strongest above I.


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1887-O VAM-25 PLATE PHOTO SEP 28 2010.jpg

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