1886-P VNA varieties

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1886-P VAM Not Assigned varieties

UPDATE March 2010: A contributor is studying the die progression of this first 1886-P VNA variety in detail. It is also the VAM of the Week beginning March 29th.

Below are six photos of a VNA variety that has features that catch the eye of the astute VAMmer but that is unexpectedly common. This variety shows major sunken dies, clash marks, and some nice die cracks. Leroy explains, "VAM 1. Yes, has heavy die clash vertical lines up from wing to In. No clashed letter next to neck which was probably worn away by die wear. Likely was VAM 1G clashed n at earlier die state." Click this link to the 1886-P VAM-1G page.
Note that Leroy says this likely was VAM-1G. Thus, if you have an example of this variety, you have a VAM-1, not a VAM-1G, because the VAM-1G critical features are no longer present on this die state. This coin has now found a home as the LDS 1886-P VAM-6, as revised in 2010 by user:alefzero.
"Railroad tracks" clashing from wing to "n". Note the small hazy patch on the left track is a spot on the slab, not the coin (this coin is an ICG 63):
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 1.jpg
Die crack date with die sinking near denticles. This specific die crack from the 1 to the point of the neck is a key diagnostic:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 2.jpg
Die break star with closeup of die sinking:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 3.jpg
Clash mark at neck with no visible transferred lettering:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 4.jpg
Reverse die sinking near denticles:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 5.jpg
Die break through cap and into the field:
1886-P VNA maybe 1G LLDS 6.jpg
Next 1886-P VNA: You will often see this type of major overpolishing on the eagle's taileathers just above the branch and arrows on 1886-P DMPL and PL coins. In low-resolution online photos, the polished area often simply appears flat, with the polishing lines undefined. Leroy states, "Not something we list because it is quite common." The whole coin [here] Ron Hagler
1886-P VAM-1 VNA1.jpg
1886-P VAM-1 VNA2.jpg
Leroy describes this third 1886-P VNA variety. "Slight dblg on lower hair edge above 3rd rt star too isolated & not strong enough to list."
This die pair was later found to be 1886-P VAM-1E2
1886-P VNA2 doubhair.jpg
Same coin's reverse..."Die cracks above left S in STATES but can't tell if has tilted field die break because of toning."
1886-P VNA2 reverseS.jpg
https://coins.ha.com/itm/morgan-dollars/silver-and-related-dollars/1886-1-ms67-pcgs-cac-pcgs-population-362-7-ngc-census-888-25-mintage-19-963-886-numismedia-wsl-price-for-probl/a/1232-7567.s?ic4=ListView-Thumbnail-071515 REST spot for coin that appears to have a gouge on the face from hairline between the eye and ear and a hefty gouge on top of it.
https://coins.ha.com/itm/morgan-dollars/silver-and-related-dollars/1886-1-ms65-ngc-ngc-census-19501-5491-pcgs-population-14065-2645-mintage-19-963-886-numismedia-wsl-price-for-pr/a/1167-8919.s?ic4=ListView-Thumbnail-071515 Date setting smack middle of 3rd denticle, proper spot,
has c huge gouge in B in LIBERTY.
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