1886-P VAM-8

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1886-P VAM-8 Far Date, High 6

Discovered by Edwin Miller, January 1970.
8 III2 8 - C3a (Far Date, High 6) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 8- Date set further right than normal. Closed 6 set slightly high.

1. You might find the I in LIBERTY has a gouge in the middle of the letter. Other than that, it's fairly clean.


LVA Plate Photos:

1886-P VAM-8 Dbld Ear.jpg

Additional Photos:

Far date with high 6.
Ear is doubled inside right and at bottom of lobe.

Die die pair probably stayed together for the enite use of both dies, evident by the even erosion on both sides and the lack of other dientified obverse pairings. The strikes are moderate with the only identified crack being being a weak one along the last two right stars and the M of UNUM.
The reverse die is about as generic as they come. The only identified distinction is minor, but clear, doubling at the back of the upper arrowhead, and slight doubling for the middle one, from the hubbing of the die

Full Coin Photos

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