1886-P VAM-18

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1886-P VAM-18 Doubled 6 and Ear

Discovered by Martin Field, April 1982.
18(revised) III2 17 · C3a (Doubled 6 and Ear) (189) I-2 R-4
Obverse III2 17– 6 doubled at very top as a curved line. Ear slightly doubled at right inside and bottom outside. Date at very right of normal position.


  1. While the description specifies the date being at the very right of normal position as a result of a revision in 2003, coins observed have the date at the left side of normal. The date alignment is not shown in the 2003 supplement. If there is a coin with doubled 6 that has the date at the right side, that would be VAM 18 and the coins shown below would be a different variety.


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