1885-O VAM-5A

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1885-O VAM-5A Slanted High Far Date, Die Scratch D

Discovery by Pat Mullen, 2010.
This coin was eliminated July,13, 2011 *Leroy wrote... 85-O - New VAM 18A. Has die scratch at D of VAM5A. Same obv and rev dies as 85-O VAM18. Faint doubled 18 at top of VAM18 photo in 2002 VAM Supplement. Slight dbld ear with two tiny die chips inside of VAM27. So eliminated VAM5A & it became 18A. Dbld ear likely was on original die state before put in coining press, but weak and hard to see as strike on ear varies..*
5A III25 – C3a (Slanted High Far Date, Die Scratch D) (181) I-2 R-6
Reverse C3a – Thin striated vertical die scratch from upper left of D in UN ITED up to denticles.

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D00 8851 1885o D Scratch.jpgD00 8851 1885o mm.jpg
D00 8850 1885o date.jpgD00 8850 1885o ear.jpg
D00 8850 1885o Obv.jpg
D00 8851 1885o Rev.jpg