1885-O VAM-18A

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1885-O VAM-18A Doubled 18 Top & Ear, Far Date, Die Scratch D, Break E

Discovered May 2009 as VAM-27. 2011 Became VAM-18A, Revised 2019
18A III2 13 - C3a (Doubled 18 Top & Ear, Far Date, Die Scratch D, Break E) (176) I-2 R-5
Reverse C3a - Thin striated vertical die scratch from upper left of D in UNITED up to denticles from feed finger that also produced short gouge at denticles above left S in STATES on some LDS. Displaced field break above E in STATES.

1. VAM-5A was eliminated July,13, 2011 *Leroy wrote*... 85-O - New VAM 18A. Has die scratch at D of VAM5A. Same obv and rev dies as 85-O VAM18. Faint doubled 18 at top of VAM18 photo in 2002 VAM Supplement. Slight dbld ear with two tiny die chips inside of VAM27. So eliminated VAM5A & it became 18A. Dbld ear likely was on original die state before put in coining press, but weak and hard to see as strike on ear varies..

1. LVA Revision Letter

LVA Plate Photos:


LVA Revision Plates

Weth 1885O VAM18Aplates.jpg

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D00 8851 1885o D Scratch.jpg D00 8851 1885o mm.jpg
D00 8850 1885o date.jpg D00 8850 1885o ear.jpg

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