1884-P VAM-17

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1884-P VAM-17 Possible 4 in Denticles, Die Scratches E

17 III2 16 - C3a (Possible 4 in Denticles, Die Scratches E) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 16 - Possible top of 4 showing in denticles as raised bar in denticle space to left of left 8. Three diagional die scratches between 6th left star and E plus long diagional die scratch on Liberty head forehead.

1. The date is at the right side of the normal lateral position with a possible misplaced 4 in the denticles.
2. Not all examples have the die scratch E. Not all examples are clashed.


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1884-P VAM-17 PLATE PHOTO 1 SEP 28 2010.jpg 1884-P VAM-17 PLATE PHOTO 2 SEP 28 2010.jpg

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