1884-O VAM-56

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1884-O VAM-56 Very Far Date, O Mint Mark Tilted Left, Doubled Arrow Heads

Discovery 2020 by Bill Latour

III2 27 • C3z (Very Far Date, O Mint Mark Tilted Left, Doubled Arrow Heads) 181 I-4 R-6
Obverse III2 27 - Date set much further right than normal at left edge. Die marker - Fine slightly curved long raised line across Phrygian cap ribbon.
Reverse C3z - II O mint mark tilted left within normal height. Slightly doubled arrow feathers at bottom edge and middle and lower arrow heads. Slightly doubled wreath bow top inside and designer's initial M. Die marker - Two bold horizontal gouges in wreath bow opening at top, two vertical die scratches left side of eagle's left leg and several unusual scratches/gouges at left side of eagle's right leg.


  1. Discovery coin is VAM 56A
  2. Some coins called VAM 39 may actually be VAM 56.
  3. Same marriage as VAM 19B in an earlier stage.


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