1883-P VAM-1D

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1883-P VAM-1D

Discovery 2012 By Doug Bindner, revised 2013
(Eliminated 2014, Became VAM-24B)
1D III2 1 - C3a (Clashed Obverse n & st) (188) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 1 – Clashed die with partial incuse n of In from reverse showing next to Liberty head neck and faint partial incuse of st of Trust from reverse showing in hair vee of lower hair edge. Fie die pitting om Liberty head.
Die marker - Faint diagonal polishing line at bottom of gap between right bent wheat leaf and right top cotton leaf, also some scribbles on forehead.
1- VAM ID Yes, has unlisted clashed n & st on obv. Dosen't have dbld date digits of VAMS 7,11,12,17 or 18.
Yes, has machine dblg on date,lips eyelid and rt stars.

LVA Plate Photos

Dwb 83 p dc v1d 80212copy19 (2).jpg
Weth 1883P 1D LVA.jpg
VSS Plate Photo
Early die state of VAM 1D is distinguishable by some scribbling scratches on Liberty's forehead:
Jb 83v1deds-1.jpg

Additional Photos

Dwb dc 83 p v1d a 80212.jpg
Dwb dc 83 p v1d 1 80212.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin photo by itsallgood Discovery Coin