1883-O VAM-58

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1883-O VAM-58 O Tilted Left, Rusted Die Wing, Overlapping Reeding

Discovered August 2009 by Jason Henrichsen, Revised 2017 by Nate Mailliard
58 III2 31 - C3l (O Tilted Left, Rusted Die Wing, Overlapping Reeding) (?) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 31– Die not yet over polished to crate double ear.
Die marker- Couple tiny die chips at lower inside of ear.
Reverse C3l– II O mint mark tilted slightly left. Raised dots of rusted die in middle of eagle's right wing.

1. It appears that the VAM-58 and VAM-50 are the same dies.


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1883 o vam58 DSC00080-1-vert.jpg
Raw MS (Discovery Piece)

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