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1883-O VAM-22A Doubled 1, Partial E on Reverse, Clashed Obverse D & O

Discovered by Brent Fogelberg, October 2002. Super CD photos courtesy of Mark Kimpton.
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM and a Super CD Morgan Vam.
22A(revised) III 23 · C3a (Doubled 1, Partial E on Reverse, Clashed Obverse D & O) (181) I-4 R-6
Obverse III 23 – Clashed die with partial incuse O of O mint mark from reverse showing as ellipse on right side of right wheat grain stalk. Partial incuse top of D of DOLLAR from reverse showing below I of PLURIBUS. First discovered legend letter transfer.
Reverse C3a – Clashed die with partial raised E from obverse LIBERTY showing below eagle’s tail feathers on left side. Vertical bar and middle serif of E shows. Same die as VAM 36A.

1. If you have an E clashed 1883-O morgan dollar, the easiest way to determine if it's VAM-22A versus VAM-36A is that VAM-22A has no die chips inside the ear, while VAM-36A does. Extensive obverse field chatter and weakly struck edge lettering afflicts this variety. Most, if not all specimens have extensive planchet striations around the obverse rim. Because of these problems, MS 63 and higher are tough to come by. MS 64 and 65 have both been found.

1. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/68782722

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