1883-O VAM-1H

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1883-O VAM-1H Beveled Fields at Cap Top, & Back

Discovery 2010.
(Eliminated, same as 1883-O VAM-36B)
1H III2 1- C3a (Beveled Fields at Cap Top, & Back) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 1 - Beveled fields at top of Phrygian cap and back of cap ribbon from over polishing, possibly to remove die clash marks.
Reverse C3a - Some heavy die polishing at eagles left foot.
1- On some 1883-O VAM 1H's there is a "bridge" above the O Mint mark like the 1883-O VAM 36A.
There is some speculation, that this VAM is actually an LDS of VAM-36A. We'll see how Leroy Van Allen treats this when he sees both
examples side by side.

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