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1883-CC VAM-5C Doubled Date, CC/CC, Clashed Obverse, n & st

2015 Discovery by Nate Mailliard, April 2015
5C III2 2 - C3d (Doubled Date, CC/CC, Clashed Obverse, n & st) (178) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 2 - Clashed die again with fainter partial incuse n of In from reverse next to Liberty head neck and faint partial incuse of st of Trust from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge. Metal below 18 and dash below right 8 polished away.
Reverse C3d– New clashed die marks with shallow polished peripheral lettering.

1. VAM 5 dies are believed to have the 1883-CC VAM-5A wing scratch in all stages. These dies were clashed and repolished several times. There are two stages of the VAM-5A. One has the N clash clearly visible. The other has the prominent 'starburst' patterns at both wing tips (this was the original version of VAM-5A before the clash was listed). The polished version of the VAM 5A (no letter transfer) is the VAM 5B, and came before the VAMs 5C and 5D in the sequence.
2. Later die state than original VAM-5A; VAM-5C is clashed with no dash under 8 and no gouged beak on reverse. Extensive obverse and reverse cracking in comparison to VAM 5A, and lack of die polishing lines. Clashed version of the VAM 5B, but before the VAM 5D die break.
3. [VAM-5 STAGES|VAM-5 STAGES] (5 --> 5A --> 5B --> 5C --> 5D)
4. There is a stage between VAM 5C and 5D with clashes mostly gone, diagonal crack through date of VAM 5D, but no break at the back of the cap.

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