1883-CC VAM-5

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1883-CC VAM-5 Doubled Date, Dash Under 8, CC/CC

Discovered by Oscar Simpson, March 1977. Revised 2000.
5(revised) III22 · C3d (Doubled Date, Dash Under 8, CC/CC) (178) I-3 R-3 (R-4???)
Obverse III22– Entire date slightly doubled. 1 is doubled on surface of upper crossbar, on right side of vertical shaft and at top of bottom crossbar. First 8 doubled on surface at left inside of both loops. Second 8 doubled slightly at top right outside of lower loop on some specimens. 3 doubled slightly on right side of upper ball and at bottom inside of lower loop. A dash or short dot dash appears under second 8 in some early die state specimens but is polished away on later die states as is metal in denticles below 18. Ear slightly doubled on right and left inside. RIBUS UNUM slightly doubled on right side. (Delisted VAM-6 & VAM-7 are from same dies.)
Reverse C3d– First C in mint mark is doubled at bottom inside. Second C is doubled slightly at lower left of upper serif. Horizontal die gouge thru eagle’s mouth and in denticles below DO.

1. VAM 5 dies are believed to have the 1883-CC VAM-5A wing scratch in all stages. These dies were clashed and repolished several times. There are two stages of the VAM-5A. One has the N clash clearly visible. The other has the prominent 'starburst' patterns at both wing tips(this was the original version of VAM-5A before the clash was listed. The polished version of the VAM 5A (no letter transfer) is the VAM 5B, and before the VAMs 5C and 5D in the sequence.
2. VAM-5 STAGES (5 --> 5A --> 5B --> 5C --> 5D)


LVA Plate Photos:

1883-CC VAM-5 Dbld Date.jpg 1883-CC VAM-5 Scratch Denticles.jpg
1883-CC VAM-5 PLATE PHOTO SEP 28 2010.jpg

Additional Photos:

1883-CC VAM-5A CC.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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