1883-CC VAM-4A

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1883-CC VAM-4A Doubled Date, Dash Under 8, Clashed Obverse n

Discovered by Mark Kimpton, June 2003.
4A III24 · C3c (Doubled Date, Dash Under 8, Clashed Obverse n) (178) I-3 R-5
Obverse III24– Die clash marks with faint partial incuse n of In from reverse next to Liberty head neck.
Reverse C3c - First C has diagonal line at top inside of loop and metal within it. Second C has metal at bottom inside of loop and short line at very top inside of loop.

1. Note:[vampicker], I question the existence of VAM 4A. I think we'll find they are all VAM 8A. You'll note that the mintmark position of the examples illustrated on this page do not match the VAM book plate for VAM 4.
2. The fact that the VAM 8 obverse is a later, unclashed die stage of the VAM 4 obverse supports VAM 4A being a cataloging error.


LVA Plate Photos:

1883-CC VAM 4A Clashed n.jpg

Additional Photos:

The VAM-4 obverse shows all date digits doubled. Additionally there is a short dash line under the second 8 in the date.
1883 cc vam4a 4numerals copy.jpg
The first C mintmark on the left has a diagonal line inside the loop and metal as well. The VAM-4 also has metal on the inside bottom of the second C, however this example doesn't show that very well.
1883vam4mm2.jpg 1883CCVAM4MM.jpg
Some Morgan Dollars are blessed with die clashed letters. There is a clashed die variety for the 1883-CC VAM-4 attributed as a VAM-4A with a clashed letters N on Liberty's neck and S at her hair-vee.
In the example below however, you can see the die clashing of the eagle's wing on Liberty's neck appearing to expose the clashed letters IN from the reverse motto (n for sure). This particular coin may be a revision to the VAM-4A clashed die variety.
Although a little difficult to make out, a clashed letter is present at Liberty's hair-vee as shown in the photo below.
The s clash is not documented in the VAM update but is indicated in Mark Kimpton's Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars book as being known.
the designers M is not. It appears that it may only be found on well struck examples.
1883-CC-4A-M.jpg 1883-CC-4A-wing.jpg 1883-CC-4A-snot.jpg
Here is a designer's M on the other coin detailed on this page confirming that discovery.
1883CCVAM4Am.jpg 1883CCVAM4Alip.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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