1882 Doubled Reverse Study

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1882-P Doubled Reverse Die Study

This page is dedicated to an 1882 Philadelphia Mint - Doubled Reverse Study
It is a collaborative work in progress.

Please feel free to insert your Reverse "STATES OF's" and "In God We Trust's" where you see a fit.

VAM 19:? (RES)

  • Clashed - NO LETTERS?

This coin is (TPG #}
RES 1882 P V19 O in OF.jpgRES 1882 P V19 f in of.jpg
(NM) Note: Doubling shown below matched with another VAM-19 specimen that was reviewed by Leroy.
RES 1882 P V19 over polishes arrow.jpg RES 1882 P V19 right branch 1.JPG
RES 1882 P V19 right branch 2.JPG RES 1882 P V19 below date.jpg
VAM 8: (RES)

  • Not clashed

This coin is PCGS 64
RES 1882 P V8 o.JPG RES 1882 P V8 f.JPG
RES 1882 P V8 1.JPG RES 1882 P V8 2.JPG
RES 1882 P V8 cotton.JPG RES 1882 P V8 ear.JPG

  • CLASHED w/ Letter transfer

This coin is ANACS 63
Shared Obverse with the 23?
- The Legend, Motto and Right Wreath exibit doubling.
DJC 1882~V5A Dbl~OF-rev.jpg DJC 1882~V5A DblClash~Go&-rev.jpg
DJC 1882~V5A Double ES-rev.jpg DJC 1882~V5A RevClash&DblRLeaves.jpg
Clashed no letter transfer
This coin is (PCGS 63)
This coin exhibits a doubled upper reverse; motto and at NITED STATE.
DJC 1882 C3bDblRev6.jpg DJC 1882 C3bDblRev7.jpg DJC 1882 C3bDblRev8.jpg
DJC 1882 C3bDblRev10.jpg DJC 1882 C3bDblRev11.jpg DJC 1882 C3bDblRev12.jpg
DJC 1882 C3bDblRev13.jpg DJC 1882 C3bDblRev14.jpg
(Ron) To me this is a C3b reverse, which leads me to saying this is maybe a VAM-20. This is to provide another coin for study.
1882 RonH VAM-20 MAYBE REV 10122011.jpg
1882 RonH VAM-20 MAYBE OBV 10122011.jpg
VAM 23: (DJC, RonH {FullImage courtesy Heritage Auctions})

  • Not clashed

Shared Obverse with the 5A?
Obverse Die Markers
DJC 1882 V23 DieMarkersabovedate1.jpg DJC 1882 V23 DieMarkersabovedatea.jpg
DJC 1882 V23 LIpolishing.jpg DJC 1882 V23 LIpolishinga.jpg
DJC 1882 V23 DieMarkersaboveear.jpg
- The letters are doubled on the serifs towards the rim
- There is a slight crack forming from the denticles above and through the F.
- The crack makes a hard Left turn through the center of and and across the top
- The minor crack continues from the O center across to the 2nd S.
- There is another crack ending at the top serif of the 2nd S.
- This crack continues across the top serifs of the STATES.
- This crack continues through the E here.
1882 RonH VAM-23 REV 10152011a.jpg
The coin below is ANACS 63 (DJC)
DJC 1882 Coin517 E-S.jpg DJC 1882 Coin517 S O.jpg
DJC 1882 Coin517 OF.jpg DJC 1882 Coin517 Dbl~trust.jpg
DJC 1882 V23 dbl~AM.jpg DJC 1882 V23 dblCA.jpg
DJC 1882 C3aDoubleLeaf.jpg
VAM-15: (DJC)
(so called 15)
*CLASHED w/o letter transfer
This coin is NGC 63
- The letters are doubled on the serifs, toward the rim, of STATES OF and In God We
- There is a crack across the top of STATES (to the F)
- There is doubling at the Bottom, Middle & Top's of the upper serifs of the F, towards the rim.
- The O is heavily doubled
- The crack across the top, from STATES to the F may have led to the "Possible" Break over the top of the O.
- This would explain the Field Displacement from S_OF, to the rim.
DJC 1882 Dbl OF&Displaced Field.jpg DJC 1882 CrackDoubled TED.jpg
VAM 1E: (NM)

  • Not clashed

This coin is {TPG #}
VAM 24 (XXX)

  • Not clashed/*Clashed

This coin is (TPG #}
DJC 1882 VAM 24 Date.jpg
DJC 1882 VAM 24 MPD.jpgDJC 1882 VAM 24 MPDa.jpg
DJC 1882 VAM 24 Hairpolishing.jpg
DJC 1882 VAM 24 Earpitting.jpg