1882-P VAM-5

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1882-P VAM-5 Doubled 1

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, June 1966.
5 III2 5 ∙ C3a (Doubled 1) (180) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 5 – 1 in date doubled at top right of the stem. The 882 is partially filled at top and bottom. Closed 2 variety.
Reverse C3a – Normal die



LVA Plate Photo:


Additional Photos:

The first set of photos below are from a single clashed VAM 5 that is an exact marriage match (Obv & Rev) for the 1882-P VAM-5A n clash.
DJC 1882 VAM5 188.jpg

DJC 1882 VAM5 18.jpg DJC 1882 VAM5 82.jpg

DJC 1882 VAM5 1.jpg DJC 1882 VAM5 1st8.jpg

DJC 1882 VAM5 2nd8.jpg DJC 1882 VAM5 2.jpg
A VEDS example exists with Metal in the Date and NO chip present on the G of God. Here are two examples of the VAM 5A die pair, VAM 5's. Note there is another marker, a distinct set of die scratches in the right wing tip, to aid in identification of the "VAM 5A" marriage.
VEDS (Metal in Date, No chip G) VAM 5...........................................MDS (Single Clash, Chip G) VAM 5
DJC 1882-PVAM5EDS G.jpg DJC 1882 VAM5 InG.jpg

DJC 1882-PVAM5EDS revMarker.jpg DJC 1882-PVAM5MDS 1clash revMarker.jpg
Close-up of the mid to late (including the VAM 5A) die chip in the G
DJC 1882 VAM5 G.jpg
There is a little more doubling in the date than is noted in the VAM book's description. I may send the coin in to get it revised. Nonetheless, the stub on the 1 is all that is needed to attribute a VAM-5. The below doubling could possibly be that of the the VAM 7 as described or "Multiple Die pairs may exist".

1882-P-5-jbc-1XXX.jpg 1882-P-5-jbc-X8XX.jpg

1882-P-5-jbc-XX8X.jpg 1882-P-5-jbc-XXX2.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo Copyrighted© of VAM-5 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY Doug Codner
The following coin is VEDS and the same die pair as the VAM 5A ("unofficially" designated as Die pair 1).
DJC 1882-P VAM5-VEDS-Obv.png