1882-P VAM-39

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1882-P VAM-39 Doubled 882, Tripled OF America

Discovery 2016 by BJV
39 III2-38 - C3c (Doubled 882 Tripled "OF AMERICA") (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 38 - Slightly doubled 882 with left 8 slightly at right outside of upper loop,right 8 at left outside of both loops and 2 at left and right outside of upper loop.
Die marker - Single vertical polishing line at eye front.
Reverse C3c - Tripled top edges of OF AMERICA and right star plus doubled/tripled bottom inside of letters.
Die marker - Small diagonal die scratch on 6 & 7 left tail feathers.

1. Discovery coin is clashed, but has no letter transfer.
2. The Ear is very similar to what LVA plated for VAM-34 but different.

1. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/77941937

LVA Plate Photos:

1882-P-V39-BJV-PLATE1.jpg 1882-P-V39-BJV-PLATE2.jpg
1882-P-V39-BJV-PLATE3.jpg 1882-P-V39-BJV-PLATE4.jpg

Additional Photos:

Jv 1882 p obv d 4-2-16.jpg

Jv 1882 p obv eye 4-7-16.jpg

Jv 1882 p obv neck 4-2-16.jpg

Jv 1882 p rev clash n 4-2-16.jpg

Jv 1882 p rev America 4-7-16.jpg



Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin of VAM-39 Photo and attribution by Mhomei