1882-P VAM-31

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1882-P VAM-31 Tripled 8, Doubled 2

Discovery April 2013 by D_E Codner
31 III2 30- C3a (Tripled 8, Doubled 2 ) (180) I-2 R-5
Obverse- Left 8 slightly tripled at top left inside of lower loop and 2 at right side of upper ball, top right outside of upper loop and bottom serif. Die chips between loops on both sides of left 8.
Die Marker- Diagonal polishing line right side of upper curl.

1. The VAM 31 was discovered by "default". Leroy Van Allen's plate photographs for the VAM-31 were taken from the obverse of the 1882-P VAM-31A Discovery Piece.


LVA Plate Photos:

DJC 1882-P VAM-31 18 4-22-2013.jpeg DJC 1882-P VAM-31 82 4-22-2013.jpegDJC 1882-P VAM-31 marker 4-22-2013.jpeg

Additional Photos:

Update: Subsequent "post-clash" VAM-31's have been found in user:Albannach's existing inventory. The tripling and doubling can be sublime on worn examples and additional markers have been identified to aid in attribution of this variety.
DJC 1882 VAM31 8.jpg DJC 1882 VAM31 2.jpgDJC 1882 VAM31 diemarker.jpg
Note the polishing lines of L_BER in LIBERTY.........................................Note the distinct group of polishing lines at the Eagles right shoulder.
Example #1
DJC 1882 VAM31 obv-polish BE.jpg DJC 1882 VAM31 Rev-polih.jpg
Example #2
1882 VAM31 obv-polish BEa.jpg 1882 VAM31 Rev-polisha.jpg
EXAMPLE 3: EDS VAM 31 (PRE-Clash Coin Pictured)
DJC 1882 VAM31 preclash 18.jpg DJC 1882 VAM31 preclash 82.jpg

DJC 1882 VAM31 preclash marker.jpg DJC 1882 VAM31 preclash ERT.jpg
Reverse marker:
DJC 1882 VAM31 preclash pol.jpg

Full Coin Photos