1882-P VAM-27

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1882-P VAM-27

Discovery 2011
(Eliminated, same as 1882-P VAM-24)
III2 26 - C3a Doubled 882, Pitted Liberty Head, Over Polished Lower Hair ( ) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse li1226- Doubled left 8 at left inside of upper loop, right 8 at left outside of lower loop and slightly at top left outside and 2 tripled at top outside and top inside of top loop. Fine pitting on Liberty head, particularly strong at top of ear. Over polished lower hair edge.
Comments: The VAM 27 appears to be the obverse of the VAM 24. This could be the Early Die State of the 1882-P VAM-24, just prior to the MPD episode. The reverse die marriages are currently being studied as a possible duplicate listing for the 2 varieties.


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