1882-P VAM-22

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1882-P VAM-22 Doubled 8-2, Die Flakes 8's

Discovered by Larry Briggs, April 2000., Revised April 2008, Revised 2014
22(revised) III2 21 · C3a (Doubled 8-2, Die Flakes 8's) (179) I-2 R-5 (R-4???)
Obverse III2 21 – Die 1 - Left 8 doubled as short arc at top inside of lower loop and 2 slightly doubled on right side of upper ball. Some specimens show die flakes and polishing lines in 2 loops. Slightly doubled top of Phrygian cap.
Die marker - X polishing lines at bottom of Y in LIBERTY.
Die 2 - Short arc at top inside of left 8 lower loop. 2 slightly doubled on right side of upper ball. Some raised metal die flakes at bottom inside of lower loops of both 8's.
Reverse C3a – Die 2 - Two short horizontal polishing lines at right tail feather and diagonal polishing line at left outside of eagle's right leg.

1. Prior variety with die scratches on face became VAM 1, 1F die pair
2. DP #1 is the mid/Late obverse VAM 30, reverse diagnostics are ongoing (1/2016) user:Albannach

1. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/67849142
2. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/67615476

LVA Plate Photos for Die Pair #1:

LVA Plate Photos for Die Pair #2 indian4 Ron Morton:

Additional Photos for Die Pair #1:

These date images were taken from a 1882-P VAM-22A (Die Pair #1). Note how the doubling and MID is a match to the original plate photo.

Here are 2 more "X" scratches (obv & rev) to help ID the V22 Die 1 marriage

Additional Photos:

Polishing lines Eagles right leg_ First "barb" that started the posting

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-22 (Die Pair #2) Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy SB 16 logo.png® 'ATTRIBUTED BY 'Leroy Van Allen