1882-O VAM-37

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1882-O VAM-37 Tripled Stars and Motto, Doubled 18-2

Discovered by Herb Zepke, July 1998.
37 III227 · C3a (Tripled Stars and Motto, Doubled 18-2) (181) I-3 R-6
Obverse III227– All left and right stars tripled and quadrupled towards rim. Tops of E PLURIBUS UNUM letters doubled and tripled towards rim. Doubled 18-2 in date with 1 and first 8 slightly doubled the very bottom and first 8 also doubled at lower left outside and right inside of upper loop. 2 doubled slightly on right side of upper ball.
1. The fantastic tripling/quadrupling of the stars on this 82-O variety make the coin worth seeking. A later 82-O VAM discovery, Van Allen considers the VAM-37 an R-6. However, as with the 1883-P VAM-10, it takes a keen eye and viewing the coin from a side angle to readily see the features of the stars. Hence, the VAM-37 may often go unnoticed.


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1882-O VAM 37 Dbld 8-2.jpg 1882-O VAM 37 Tripled Stars.jpg

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