1882-O VAM-17B

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1882-O VAM-17B Metal in 882, Long Die Scratches, O Tilted Left, Clashed Obv. st, Die Break U

Revised 2009
This coin is a WOW! Morgan VAM.
17B (revised) III2 10 - C3e (Metal in 882, Long Die Scratches, O Tilted Left, Clashed Obv. st, Die Break U) (181) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 10 - Radial die crack from rim down thru left U in PLURIBUS to hair with displaced field break.

1. This obverse is shared with VAM-14
2. This reverse shared with VAM-6, VAM-16, VAM-17, VAM-17A, VAM-17B, VAM-27, VAM-28, VAM-39, and VAM-47.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Here is the break from the ‘U” of PLURIBUS down to the cap.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 15.jpg
The horizontal die crack above the date is fairly large in places, and interestingly it runs from the left 3 stars through the right 3 stars. In the second picture you can barely see the ‘st’ clash in the hair v above the second right star, which was difficult to photograph.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 01.jpg

1882-O VAM 17-B - 02.jpg
There is also a small break curving from the left of the neck tip towards the rim.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 06.jpg
This break connects with a crack in the liberty’s hair that almost appears to run from the front hair through the wheat leaves, and finally through the cap. The crack at the end of the cap barely runs into the field. The second picture attempts to show this, but it is difficult to see (it’s just above the clash).
1882-O VAM 17-B - 16.jpg

1882-O VAM 17-B - 17.jpg
With regard to the date, although there is “metal in the 882” the ’82’ still looks as though it has doubling to me (especially the 2 which at the least looks somewhat like a re-punch).
1882-O VAM 17-B - 05.jpg
Obverse gouges all over this variety. The first picture shows (for reference) the gouges through ‘TY’ of ‘LIBERTY’. I find the gouge (or whatever it is) that branches out from just below the right middle side of the ‘Y’ especially interesting because its appearance is very similar to the top right of the “Y”.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 07.jpg
The next two pictures show that one of the gouges that runs into the hair has some pitting surrounding it.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 09.jpg

1882-O VAM 17-B - 10.jpg
The cap gouge also extends into the hair—with another gouge in the hair just above the gouge running from the cap.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 12.jpg

1882-O VAM 17-B - 13.jpg
One small gouge runs out from the end of the cap bun.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 20.jpg
Another couple of small gouges are in the hair below the ear.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 14.jpg
And finally, one interestingly placed gouge runs through Liberty’s nose.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 11.jpg
The obverse also has some good wreath gouges, which I know are not normally listed. This coin my also have the clashed ‘n’ by the neck, but if so it is very faint.
1882-O VAM 17-B - 19.jpg
I didn’t include pictures of the O mint mark on the reverse, and there isn’t much interesting with the reverse. Some of the wreath leaves are over-polished. The only picture I’ve included of the reverse is a small gouge below the Eagle’s left talons (which is probably too small to mention).
1882-O VAM 17-B - 18.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large full coin photos courtesy of Heritage, attributed by mhomei