1882-CC VAM-2D

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1882-CC VAM-2D Doubled 882, Cap Break, Lip Counter Clash Break, Winged L Die Gouge

Discovered September 2009 by Mark Daveler
This coin is a (Hit List 40 and WOW! Morgan VAM)
2D III2 2 - C3b (Doubled 882, Cap Break, Lip Counter Clash Break, Winged L Die Gouge) (?) I-4 R-7
Obverse: III2 2 - Small die gouges at top of right wheat leaf below B, top of Phrygian cap next to wheat leaf and in denticles above L in PLURIBUS.
Reverse: C3b - Heavy striated vertical die gouges from denticles up to lower right side of O in DOLLAR. Unusual large winged die gouge thru top of left L. Multiple die clash marks at top reverse.

1. Horizontal gouge in Denticle space above the P and L in Pluribus,
2. Long scratch going from Denticle above U, through R and wheat leaves to dot between S and U of UNUM.
3. Small vertical gouges extending from the top of the wheat leaf under the B and the break forming at the right of that leaf along the cap top.


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1882 cc vam2d pollack3piccomp.jpg

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Not attributed by PCGS.