1882-CC VAM-2C

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1882-CC VAM-2C Doubled 882, Break Cap Back, Doubled Lip Counter Clash

Discovered January 2006 by Lawrence Galbraith
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan Vam.
2C III22 · C3b (Doubled 882, Break Cap Back, Doubled Lip Counter Clash) (177) I-3 R-6
Obverse III22– Clashed die that has been polished as in VAM 2B. Further clashing with slight die rotation that produced one or two curved clashed lines at top of left and right wreaths. Single curved clash line shows doubled upper lip from counter clash and double curved clash line also shows small die break at back of Phrygian cap from die clashing.
COMMENTS: Since the discovery of VAM-2C in 2006, VAM-2C1 and VAM-2C2 have been added.
The counterclash is the stage difference - early 2C is just the counterclash, later it also has the break.

LVA Plate Photos

1882-CC VAM-2C Dbld 882.jpg
1882-CC VAM-2C Dbld 882 Die Chip.jpg
1882 CC VAM-2C Polishing Roughness.jpg
1882-CC VAM 2A Break Cap Back.jpg
1882-CC VAM 2A Counterclash Lip.jpg

Additional Photos

Discovered in January 2006, this very unusual variety was designated with R-5 rarity. It is possible the rarity is really considerably higher. The few known examples are also prooflike.
82cc v2c early back of cap.jpg 82cc v2c early counterclash lip.jpg
An earlier stage of the VAM 2C is also known. This example was attributed by Leroy Van Allen 25 Oct 2006
Note that the break at the back of the cap is not yet formed, only a faint crack is visible. Liberty's upper lip is counterclashed.
This example has no hint of mirrored surface, unlike the later stage pictured above, also note that the later stage appears to have an additional clashmark from the back of the cap. During the lifespan of the VAM 2 marriage, the dies clashed at least 4 times and were repolished at least twice. An interesting study in die progression that may yield several more reported stages.
82cc v2c early rt wreath clashes.jpg
Three clashes can be seen on this example with a very close spread
on the upper set. Dies are rotated about 7 degrees CW.
82cc v2c early date.jpg
MPD under first 8 was polished away in earlier stage, doubling and lump
on second 8 still clearly visible.
Cpm 1882CC REV Rotated Dbl Clash 1.jpg
Cpm 1882CC OBV Cap Die Break.jpg
The following images show the the counter clashed lips occured with the first clash after the repolishing created the VAM-2B die state.
Single curved clash line shows doubled upper lip from counter clash.
3 - 1882-CC Cap Back.jpg
Lip Counterclash:
4 - 1882-CC Lip counterclash.jpg
Clashes on upper set of right wreath:
5 - 1882-CC Right Wreath Clashes.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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