1882-CC VAM-2B2

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1882-CC VAM-2B2 Doubled 882, Faint Counter Clash Lip

A Sub-Stage of VAM-2B created by Leroy Van Allen in May 2010 and revised in August 2014.
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan VAM.
2B2(revised) III2 2- C3b (Doubled 882, Faint Counter Clash Lip) (177) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 2 - .2nd light clashing episode with very faint clashed n tick at neck and faint counter clash line in front of upper lip. Sliver of diagonal bar of 1 top MPD below left 8 has disappeared from die wear. Dbld clash lines at bottom inside of left wreath on upper leaf cluster from second clash.

1. When the faint 2nd clash that defines 2B2 is polished, coins become VAM-2C1.
2. Since VAM-2B2 coins must have been clashed twice but not polished, the portion of the VAM-2 Pairing Sequence that qualifies as 2B2 is quite small and has no DMPL or PL examples.
3. There is the very slightest, hardly-worth-mentioning remaining piece of the very bottom of the original VAM-2 MPD just above the denticle under the left side of the first "8", but there are no lines remaining beneath the first two Right Stars.
4. There is a chip in the top of the "G" of the Reverse Motto. This chip is first seen on a late phase of VAM-2B1 so is not indicative of 2B2, but coins without this chip cannot be 2B2.
5. Contrary to previous 2B2 page information, VAM-2B2 is not rotated.


LVA Plate Photos:

LVAMLD-82CCv2B2-Obv1fcnt-082814.jpg LVAMLD-82CCv2B2-Obv2ccul-082814.jpg

Additional Photos:

2B2's clash line on the Eagle's Right Wing extends to the Motto.
The shorter vertical line on the right is all that remains of a similar line created by the clash that defines VAM-2A.
The next two photos allow for a comparison of the upper Left Wreath clash marks as seen on VAM-2B1 (Top) and those of 2B2 (Below).
MLD2B1Lft WrthClash012116-3.jpg
Note how the 2B2 clash gave a blunted look to the crisp scalloped outer edge of the lower clash mark and filled the gap between the previous clash mark and the top of the inside leaf .

Large Full-Coin Photos of the VAM-2B2 Revision Coin courtesy of Heritage Auction Galleries ATTRIBUTION by LVA

From Heritage's auction archives, another [here]
No known qualifying transactions.
PCGS & NGC only attribute 2B
Prior to 2010 only 2B was attributed.
Census for 2B1 & 2B2 from SSDC Registry top 12.