1882-CC VAM-2B

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1882-CC VAM-2B Doubled 882

Discovered October 2006 Leroy Van Allen
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan Vam.
2B III22 · C3b (Doubled 882) (177) I-2 R-5
Obverse III22– Die has been polished removing die clash n and polishing lines at right stars and diagonal bar of 1 top MPD below left 8.
COMMENTS: Since the discovery of VAM-2B in 2006,the listing was split into VAM-2B1 and VAM-2B2 die states.
The MPD is polished away along with most of the single clash of VAM 2A. The counterclashing at Liberty's lip of VAM 2C has not yet occurred. The lump and doubling on the second 8 are clearly visible. Apparently a short lived die stage.
VAM-2B has doubled 882 of VAM 2 but doesn't have MPD 1 top below left 8 or polishing roughness around legend of VAM-2.
VAM-2B doesn't have clashed obverse n at Liberty head neck of VAM-2A.

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Additional Photos

82cc v2c early date.jpg
1882-CC CC.jpg
PCGS MS 64 Proof Like, PCGS MS 63