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1882-CC VAM-2 Doubled 882, 1 Top Below Left 8

Discovered by George Mallis, June 1965. Discovery 2001. Revised 2006, 2010.
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan Vam.
2(revised) III22 · C3b (Doubled 882, 1 Top Below Left 8) (178) I-5 R-4
Obverse III22– Doubled 882 in date. Slightly doubled left 8 at right outside of upper loop and left inside of lower loop and 2 at top outside. Right 8 strongly doubled on left outside of upper loop and slightly on bottom outside of lower loop. Early die states show diagonal bar below left 8 with length and slight curve of top of 1 and diagonal ends that match 1 top shape. Polishing lines below first two right stars and at wheat leaves top. Raised dots in left 8 upper loop and on right 8 upper loop left surface.
Reverse C3b– Polishing roughness around left star, UNITED, and STATES OF. Some doubled leaves in left wreath and bottom of right wreath. Slight doubling at top of STATES OF and bottom of OLLAR.

1. The following is from Jeff Oxman's book, The Hit List: "The key diagnostic for all VAM 2 specimens includes raised "dots" of metal on the first "8" in the date, and doubling along the tops of "-882." On the reverse, die polishing lines fill the left "C" of the mintmark. It's worth repeating that every VAM-2 die stage has these features in common
2. VAM-2, VAM-2A1,VAM-2A2, and VAM-2B1 show the top of a misplaced "1" below the first "8" in the date.
3. The extraneous die polishing marks under the first and second stars to the right of the date are only present on VAM-2. VAM-2A1 and VAM-2A2 "
4. Both C's in Mint Mark are Filled

1. http://vamworld.com/file/view/82ccv2.svg

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