1881-O VNA varieties

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1881-O VAM Not Assigned Varieties

Coin #1
I believe this may be a VAM-42 Obverse or a VAM-31 Obverse paired with a VAM-48 Reverse
since there no gouge on D O of dollar this could be the VAM-48
Coin #2
I believ this coin has a doubled 18 and minor legend doubleing on reverse so I call it a C3A WITH A NEW OBVERSE
Coin #3
However, looks can be deceiving. Leroy put the case to rest and described, "VAM-1. Surface roughness into coin around 81. Likely coin was struck thru some grease. Not die pitting which would be raised on coin."
This second 81-O specimen was submitted as having potential pitting around the date.
1881-O VNAvariety date.jpg
1881-O VNAvariety datecloseup.jpg
This is an unlisted "teardrops" variety. Leroy notes, "Tiny die chips at eye front are a little unusual being in a line but are way too small to be readily seen with the naked eye and list."
This is now a marker for VAM 9 and has been listed with the descriptor "Teardrops"
1881-O teardrops breaks.jpg
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