1881-O VAM-73

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1881-O VAM-73 Doubled 18, Scratch Eye Front, Wing Top Gouges

Discovery 2017 Brent Fogelberg
73 III2 49 - C3a (Doubled 18, Scratch Eye Front, Wing Top Gouges) (176) I- 2 R-5
Obverse III2 49 - Doubled 18 with 1 possibly at very top and faintly at right side of vertical shaft and left 8 at right side of upper loop outside surface. Long diagonal die scratch at eye front. Fine pitting on Liberty head.
Reverse C3a - II 0 mint mark very slightly set left. Short diagonal die gouges at lower top edge of both wings. Same die as VAM 20 with same polishing lines in wing - neck gap but earlier die state. Fine pitting on eagle.

1. Same rev. die as VAMs 20 and 72.


LVA Plate Photos:

RBF1881-OV73a 001.jpg RBF1881-OV73b 001.jpg
RBF1881-OV73c 001.jpg RBF1881-OV73d 001.jpg

Additional Photos:

RBF1881-OV73e 001.jpg

RBF1881-OV73f 001.jpg

Full Coin Photos

HawkeEye Large Full Coin Photo by VSS, VAM-72 Images on loan to VAMworld