1881-O VAM-71

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1881-O VAM-71- Doubled 18-1, Tripled Left Wreath, Doubled Legend, O Tilted Left

Discovery 2016 by Jim Longe
71 III2 48 - C3p (Doubled 18-1, Tripled Left Wreath, Doubled Legend, 0 Tilted Left) (176) 1-2 R-5
Obverse Ill2 48 - Slightly doubled 18-1 with left 1 at top right of vertical shaft, left 8 at top outside and right 1 as notch at lower left outside of vertical shaft. Very slight doubling of ear at right inside and earlobe.
Die marker- Single diagonal polishing line at bottom right of Y in LIBERTY continuing over into hair.
Reverse C3p -Tripled and doubled leaves in left wreath towards rim. Bottom inside of UNITED STATES O doubled towards rim. III O mint mark tilted slightly left at normal height.
Die marker - Fine raised dots of die pitting on two leaves of left wreath opposite IT of UNITED


  1. Shares reverse die with VAM 15. Looking at one of each, I can't tell which was made first.
  2. Later use of obverse die of VAM 65.
  3. Nice unique die crack running from phrygian cap to to wheat stalk on MDS specimens.
  4. Pitting in obverse field near right stars


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