1881-O VAM-69

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1881-O VAM-69 - Doubled Profile, Cap, and Left 8, O/O Left

Discovery 2016 by HawkeEye
69 III 2 46 - C3i (Doubled Profile, Cap & Left 8, O/O Left) (?) I-3 R-5
Obverse Ill 2 46 - Slightly doubled Liberty head profile from nose down to chin. Doubled Phrygian cap at top and right edge down to cap bottom. Left 8 slightly doubled at top left inside of lower loop.
Die marker- Die chip below middle edge of eyelid.
Reverse C3i - II O mint mark centered, upright and set slightly to left and doubled slightly on the left inside as a thin vertical line. Slightly doubled TATES OF AMER and top of wreath towards rim.


  1. Has the reverse of VAM-11 O/O Left. Obverse has unlisted doubled profile, cap all sides and left 8 at top inside of upper loop. If true, this would be the same coin as VAM 60.


LVA Plate Photos:

RCW-81O-VAM69-OBV1.jpg RCW-81O-VAM69-OBV2.jpg

RCW-81O-VAM69-OBV3.jpg RCW-81O-VAM69-OBV4.jpg


Additional Photos:

Full Coin Photos

HawkeEye Large Full Coin Photo by VSS, VAM-69 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ATTRIBUTED BY Leroy Van Allen