1881-O VAM-68

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1881-O VAM-68 - Doubled 18, O Tilted Left

Emission sequence involving VAM 68

Discovery 2016 by HawkeEye
68 III2 45 • C3d (Doubled 18, O Tilted Left) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 45 - Doubled 18 with 1 below top crossbar and left 8 slightly at top right outside of upper loop and top right inside and bottom outside of lower loop.
Die marker - Several vertical polishing lines left outside of ear top.
Reverse C3d -
Die marker - Fine raised dots at wing-neck gap and below.

LVA Comments:

  1. Unlisted doubled 18 combined with VAM-60 m/m tilted left C3d. Obvious tilt to left of O m/m using - 7x loupe-but not obvious with 10x loupe. I don't have any rev die markers for VAM's 52 & 66 and this coin doesn't have die scratches below God of VAM-19. Doesn't have VAM 8 rev which is O m/m tilted right- VAM book photo of VAM-8 O m/m tilted right is reversed. [Note: While Leroy mentions the tilted mint mark of VAM 60, VAM 68 does not share a reverse with VAM 60.]
  2. Five other obverses are seen with the reverse that shows the pitting at the wing-neck gap. The emission sequence is VAM 24.2, 52, 66, 1, 19, and 68.


LVA Plate Photos

RCW-81O-VAM68-OBV1.jpg RCW-81O-VAM68-OBV2.jpg
RCW-81O-VAM68-REV1.jpg RCW-81O-VAM68-REV2.jpg

Additional Photos

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM 68 Photos © VSS, used with permission, Attributed by Leroy Van Allen