1881-O VAM-54

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1881-O VAM-54 - Doubled Right 1, O Set Left

Discovery 2015 HawkeEye
54 III 2 35 - C3l (Doubled Right 1 Bottom, O Set Left) I-2 R-5
Obverse III 2 35 - Right 1 doubled as strong notch in middle of base bottom. Both 8's very slightly doubled at lower left outside of upper loop. Left 8 has short spike at top left inside of upper loop. EDS shows raised metal chips below 18 from Master Die and on working Hubs in denticle spaces and above.
Die marker - Single diagonal polishing Line at top of space between wheat leaf and left top cotton leaf.
Reverse C3l -
Die marker - Light polishing lines at top and bottom inside of III O Mint Mark set left

1. Also has thread impression across leaves in cluster above LL in DOLLAR


LVA Plate Photos:

RCW 1881 o VAM54 Die-Chips-Below-18.jpg RCW 1881 o VAM54 Doubled 81.jpg

RCW 1881 o VAM54 DieMarker Polish Lines Inside O.jpg RCW 1881 o VAM54 DieMarker Polish Lines Leaf Space.jpg

Additional Photos:

Full Coin Photos

From Hawkeye, Large Full Discovery Coin photo VAM-54 courtesy Untitled-TrueColor-1xxx.jpgand attributed by Leroy Van Allen

RCW 1881 o VAM54 obv.jpg

RCW 1881 o VAM54 rev.jpg