1881-O VAM-47

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1881-O VAM-47 Doubled Left 8 and Phrygian Cap

Discovery 2010 by Russ James
47 III2 29 - C3a (Doubled Left 8 and Phrygian Cap) (176) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 29 - Late die state with fine raised dots on liberty head from rusted die.
Reverse C3a - Late die state with fine raised dots on eagle's wings from rusted die and no die gouge thru DOL.


  1. Both dies are LDS, with the obverse previously being used on VAM 13 and the reverse previously being used on VAM 53


LVA Plate Photos:

TRAVISBICKLE821881OVAM47PLATER.jpg 81Ov47 2019GildyPlate2.jpg 81Ov47 2019GildyPlate1.jpg

Additional Photos:

Photos below are of Discovery Coin. Note that the pitting (rust dots) are also by the ear and neck as well as on the tail feathers

Additional photos below show extent of pitting on obverse and reverse (click for more detail).

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM 47 Images © John Baumgart, used with permission.