1881-O VAM-40

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1881-O VAM-40 Doubled Ear Inside & Bottom

Discovered by Crae Morton, April 2007.
40 III2 27 ∙ C3a (Doubled Ear Inside & Bottom) (176) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 27 - Ear slightly doubled at right inside and bottom of ear lobe.
Reverse C3a - Normal die

1. The known 1881-O Doubled Ears are:
VAM-27, VAM-30, VAM-33, VAM-33B , VAM-40, VAM-45, VAM-50 , VAM-50A
2. This is likely a duplicate of VAM 1H


LVA Plate Photos:

1881-O VAM-40 PLATE PHOTO 3 OCT 2010.jpg

Additional Photos:

Ear doubled on right inside and at bottom:
1881-O vam40 doubear.jpg
This specimen has a small die break over the mintmark:
1881-O vam40 mintmark.jpg

Full Coin Photos

From Hawkeye, Large Full Coin photo VAM-40 courtesy Variety Slabbing Service