1881-O VAM-32

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1881-O VAM-32 Doubled 18-1, O Set Left

Discovered by Marc Serafine, December 2001. revised June 2017
32 (revised) III2 21 · C3l (Doubled 18-1, O Set Left) (176) I-2 R-4
Obverse III2 21 – Doubled 18-1 in date. First 1 doubled at top right of lower crossbar and slightly on right side of vertical bar. First 8 slightly doubled at top left inside of upper loop and on surface on right outside of upper loop and lower right outside of lower loop. Right 1 has broken doubling diagonally across bottom left side of vertical shaft to center of base, possibly due to defective date digit punch as in VAM-3(revised).
Die marker - Single diagonal polishing line left of Phrygian cap fold.
Reverse C3l O mint mark set left. Die marker - Fine vertical die scratch on 6-8 feathers from bottom of eagle's right wing outer feathers.

1. In 2007 Supplement, both the C3k and C3l reverses report an O mint mark set left for VAM's 3, 23, 32, and 35. LVA has confirmed 3 and 32 should be designated as C3l and will make correction in next supplement.


LVA Plate Photos:

Colwillys 1881 O 2431.jpg Colwillys 1881 O 2432.jpg

Additional Photos:

Jgb81O V-32 1.jpg Jgb81O V-32 2.jpg

Jgb81O V-32 3.jpg

Full Coin Photos

From Hawkeye, Large Full Coin Photo of VAM-32 courtesy Variety Slabbing Service