1881-O VAM-1H

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1881-O VAM-1H Die Gouges Inner Wing #2

Discovered by JCox
1H III2 1 ∙ C3a (Die Gouges Inner Wing #2) (?) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 1 - Normal die, 1st 8 Spiked
Reverse C3a - Normal die with short diagonal die gouges in middle inner wing feathers of eagle's right wing and short vertical die gouges at bottom left and right inner wing feathers.

1. This reverse shared with VAM 34A
2. This seems to be a duplicate of VAM 40
3. There is a seemingly odd emission sequence involving VAM 34A, VAM 1H, and a third die pair. VAM 34A seems to have been struck first and is found with clash marks on both sides. VAM 1H is a different obverse die with no clashes, but a later stage of the same reverse. Both sides develop serious die cracks. The third die pair has the VAM 34A obverse with a new reverse die. The obverse clash is still present, but worn, and there are die cracks on the obverse not present on 34A..


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The obverse die is heavily ccracked about Liberty's face. One long crack extends from the nostril down into the neck.


It was previously clashed and the obverse clashing was polished out, raising the field in a bevel on the coin.




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