1881-O VAM-18B

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1881-O VAM-18B

Discovered by Jason Keefer June 2013
Eliminated February 2014. All VAM 18Bs have been reclassified as VAM 1B2s.
18B III210-C3a (Doubled 18, Die Gouge DOL, Clashed Obverse n & st) (176) I-3 R-6
Obverse III2 10 - Clashed die with partial incuse n of In from reverse next to Liberty head neck and partial incuse if st of Trust showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge. Double diagonal clash line at neck.
Reverse C3a - Denticle impressions faint and mostly worn away.
LVA comments:
1. New VAM 18B. Yes, has die gouge at DOL of VAM 18 with very faint couple of denticle impressions above gouge. Unlisted faint n tick at Liberty head and neck & st in lower rt hair vee. Double diagonal clash line at neck. So made this 18B which occurred after 18A that occurred during die installation, but denticle impressions fade with die wear.



LVA Plate Photos:

1881 O V18B OBVneck2.jpeg
Image1881 o vam18b obvneck1.jpg

Additional Photos:

Clashed S in Hair Vee under review
This Specimen is Double Clashed but no N transfer
Mint Mark set slightly right and tilted slightly left , with Gouged OL
Chip above Eyelid
Small Gouge top of inside Ear

Full Coin Photos:

Large Full Coin Photo (c) and Attribution by [ImpairedSquirrel]