1881-O VAM-18A

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1881-O VAM-18A

Discovery 2012 Brain Raines
Eliminated February 2014 because all VAM 18s have denticle impressions
18A III2 10 - C3a (Doubled 18, Die Gouge DOL & Denticle Die Edge Impressions ) (?) I- R-
Reverse C3a - Long thin die gouge from D thru top of O over to L in DOLLAR with row of 6 denticle impressions with spacing of denticles above gouge. Gouge is from die rim edge impressed into die. Denticle impressions likely wore quickly away on die leaving only bold gouge.
Keefer Coin [[1]]

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

I rotated for Bow to be level showing MM set slightly right and tilted slightly left
Rjj-81o-v18dents 006.jpg