1881-O VAM-16

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1881-O VAM-16 Doubled 1, Over Polished Reverse

Discovered by Jim Baxter, November 1978.
16(revised) III2 8 · C3a (Doubled 1, Over Polished Reverse) (176) I-3 R-4
Obverse III2 8 – Left 1 slightly doubled at bottom of upper crossbar and at top right of vertical shaft. Left 8 has short die chip at top left inside of upper loop. Very slightly doubled profile from hair down to chin.
Reverse C3a – Normal die with over polished die with roughness outline around eagle, wreath and In God We Trust motto.

1. The reverse is similar to VAM-1J, but clearly different MM locations
2. This has the same obverse die as VAM 28 and appears to be a slightly earlier die stage. As the VAM 28 is usually found DMPL, it is reasonable to assume that the VAM 16 is quite rare.

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1881-O-16-jbc-1XXX.jpg 1881-O-16-jbc-X8XX.jpg

1881-O-16-jbc-XX8X.jpg 1881-O-16-jbc-XXX1.jpg

Though not listed as such, the mintmark is slightly high and tilted left, but within normal tolerances.

Note: Overpolishing on the reverse (like on the 1881 O VAM-1J,1901 VAM-20 and the 1883-O VAM-1C) is in the listing. These images are frm a DMPL specimen. It is possible that there exist examples from a prior stage that do not exhibit this roughness. You can tell this is in the die, as opposed to tooled surfaces on the coin, because the field is raised from the engraving tools digigng into the die itself.



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