1880-S VAM-73

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1880-S VAM-73 Doubled 880, S Tilted Left

Discovered by John Wilson, August 2000.
73 III2 41 · C3c (Doubled 880, S Tilted Left) ( ? ) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 41 – Doubled 880 in date. First 8 doubled as thin line at top right inside of lower loop. Second 8 doubled at lower left outside the upper loop with metal inside upper loop with horizontal lines. No check mark on left side of 8 upper loop. 0 doubled at lower left outside and top right inside.
Reverse C3c – Normal die of C3 type with very large centered mint mark tilted left.

1. This reverse shared with VAM-3, VAM-6, VAM-17, VAM-22, VAM-29, VAM-31, VAM-53, VAM-57, VAM-58, VAM-65, VAM-73, VAM-80, VAM-81, VAM-83, VAM-86, VAM-96.
2. Since VAM numbers are assigned by die classification, the shared reverses above are all C3c, very large S centered mint mark tilted left. All may not be the exact same die, but all fit the reverse die classification.


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