1880-S VAM-51A

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1880-S VAM-51A Doubled 880, S/S Up, Dot on S

Discovered by Michael Ash, February 2007.
51A III2 18 ∙ C3r ( Doubled 880, S/S Up, Dot on S) (184) I-2 R-4
Obverse III2 18 – Doubled 880 in date. First 8 is doubled at bottom and has die chip between loops on left side. Second 8 sightly doubled at lower left outside of upper loop. 0 doubled at top left and right outside and slightly at lower left and right outside. Die Marker - Very thin raised dot at lower left of lower loop of left (first) 8. Polishing lines in fields.
Reverse C3r – (Medium) IV S mint mark repunched with original showing as a curved bulge at bottom inside of upper loop and a horizontal curved line within middle of lower loop. Large raised dot on upper left loop of right S in STATES. Polishing lines in field.

1. This obverse shared with VAM-26, VAM-27, VAM-51 and VAM-51A.
2. This reverse shared with VAM-45, VAM-49, VAM-51 and VAM-51A.
3. Slight doubling on profile and cap but unlisted in description. Later die state of VAM-51.


LVA Plate Photos:

1880-S VAM-51A PLATE PHOTO 5 OCT 2010.jpg

Additional Photos:

1st 8 has small round raised dot on bottom left.
SWH 1880-S VAM-51A DATE.jpg
Die chip on left side of left loop.
SWH 1880-S VAM-51A DIE CHIP ON S.jpg
Die chip on second S of STATES
SWH 1880-S VAM-51A DIE CHIP.jpg
1st 8, 2nd 8
SWH 1880-S VAM-51A 1ST 8.jpgSWH 1880-S VAM-51A 2ND 8.jpg
SWH 1880-S VAM-51A ZERO.jpg

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