1880-S VAM-11

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1880-S VAM-11 0/9 Overdate

Discovered by James Cornish, April 1967.
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM.
11 III2 7 ∙ C3f (0/9) (184) I-4 R-3
Obverse III2 7 – Metal with polishing marks in the remains of the 9 within the top of the opening in 0 of the date. There is a bulge on the outside of the 0 at 10 o'clock. The top loop of the second 8 has a few dots of metal on the right outside of lower loop. 1 doubled on right side of shaft and below upper crossbar. Second 8 doubled at lower outside of upper loop.
Reverse C3f – (medium) IV S mint mark set high and repunched with short vertical spike extending downwards from middle of top loop opening and curved line in middle inside of lower loop opening.

1. The so called 1880/79-S overdate, one of the Hot 50. Die polishing marks are evident.


LVA Plate Photos:

DSC03428 edited.JPG

Additional Photos:

RDM 1880-S 0over9 VAM 11 Obv a neck 020314.jpg

1880-S VAM-11 C.jpg

1880-S VAM-11 E.jpg

RDM 1880-S VAM 11 Rev a S 020314.jpg
Here is the eagle leg with the dot.
RDM 1880-S VAM 11 Rev b leg 0203114.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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