1880-P VAM-57

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1880-P VAM-57 Doubled 1-80, Clashed Obverse n & st, Doubled Wreaths

Discovery 2009
57 III2 24 · C3g (Doubled 1-80, Clashed Obverse n & st, Doubled Wreaths) (179) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 24 – Same obverse die as VAM 24A with clashed n and st but later die state.
Reverse C3g – Doubled leaves of right wreath and some leaves of left wreath towards rim. Die not clashed. .

1. Discovered by Brian Raines in May, 2009. This VAM has the same clashed obverse as the VAM-24A (a Super CD coin) , with a previously unlisted reverse.
2. Very few VAM-24As have been discovered. It remains to be seen how difficult it will be to find additional examples of the VAM-57.
3. Obverse is a later die state of VAM-24A.


LVA Plate Photos:

1880-P VAM-57 Plate Die Marker Legs.jpg 1880-P VAM-57 Plate Die Marker Bolls.jpg

1880-P VAM-57 PLATE PHOTO 5 OCT 2010.jpg

Additional Photos:

Pictures from the discovery coin:

Ljs-80p-57-obv2-061716.jpg Ljs-80p-57-obv4-061716.jpg

Ljs-80p-57-obv5-061716.jpg Ljs-80p-57-obv6-061716.jpg

Ljs-80p-57-rev1-061716.jpg Ljs-80p-57-rev2-061716.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Discovery piece is raw XF+