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1880 VAM-53 8/7 Checkmark, Doubled 80, AMERICA & Rt. Wreath

Original VAM-53 became VAM-53A, December 2011. Revised 2017
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM.
53 (revised) III2 29- C3f ( 8/7 Checkmark, Doubled 80, AMERICA & Right Wreath) (179) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 29 - 8/7 checkmark on top of right 8, similar to VAM-16. Doubled 80 with right 8 at lower left inside of upper loop and 0 at top left and right outside.
Die markers - Vertical polishing lines inside ear and diagonal die chip line in hair gap below cap bottom. No clashed dies with no clashed n or s yet. (Same die as VAM-29 but earlier die state.)
Reverse C3f - Slightly doubled AMERICA letters at bottom inside and top inside of DOLLAR letters towards rim. Right wreath outside leaves slightly doubled towards rim.
Die marker - Diagonal die scratch in top cluster of right wreath.

1. Doubled 80 in date and 8/7 check mark similar to VAM-16. Second 8 dbld on lower left outside of upper loop,o at top left and right outside but not as strong as VAM-16. Left 8 has die chip on upper left inside of lower loop. Remains of 7 shows on surface of left side of upper loop of second 8 in form of a check marker. Right side of check mark is more curved than VAM-16.

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2. LVA Revision Letter

LVA Plate Photos:

1880 VAM-53 Plate Photo 1.jpg 1880 VAM-53 Plate Photo 2.jpg

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PCGS attributes both 53 & 53A as 53. Examination of photos finds many are 53A.