1880-O VAM-76

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1880-O VAM-76 Doubled Date, Die Scratches Eagle

Discovered June 2012 by Bill Toland
76 (Doubled Date, Die Scratches Eagle) I-2 R-5
Obverse - Doubled date with 1 slightly tripled below upper crossbar and very slight doubling at bottom, left 8 at bottom outside, right 8 at left outside of upper loop and 0 at left outside. Radial die gouge below N in UNUM. Faint die polishing lines at jaw-neck junction, similar doubled 18 as VAM 64.
Reverse C3a -Same die scratches on eagle as VAMs VAM-24A, VAM-62, VAM-65A.



LVA Plate Photos:



1880-O V24A 62 65A 76 Die Scratches Legs.jpg

Additional Photos:

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Discovery Coin Photo by GatorXUV'
WET1880 O V76DC1 (1024x1001).jpg

WET1880 O V76DC2 (1024x971).jpg

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