1880-O VAM-75

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1880-O VAM-75 Doubled Phrygian Cap

Discovery June 16, 2011 - (VSS)(LVA)(OCC) - Lance Newman
III2 53 - C3a (Doubled Phrygian Cap, Die Scratches Wings) (176) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 53 - Phrygian cap edge slightly doubled at top all the way around to below cap ribbon. Slightly doubled right 8 in usual place at lower left outside of upper loop.
Die marker - Fine vertical positioning lines below left end of cap ribbon.
Reverse C3A - Long die scratch in upper part of eagle's left wing, double horizontal die scratches in middle of eagle's right wing and short vertical die scratch at bottom of upper tail feathers.

1. This exact reverse is shared with VAM-72


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