1880-O VAM-74

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1880-O VAM-74 Doubled 880, O Tilted Right

Discovered by Scott Hamilton February 2011.
74 III2 52 - C3h (Doubled 880, O Tilted Right) (176) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 52 - Doubled 880 with left 8 at left inside and right outside of upper loop and right outside of lower loop, right 8 at lower left outside of upper loop and 0 slightly at lower left inside. Thin curved thread-like die impression at hair rear below Phyrgian cap.
Reverse C3h - Same die as VAM-39.
Die marker - Short die scratch at upper middle inner feathers of eagle's right wing.

1. This reverse shared with VAM-39


LVA Plate Photos:

TB 1880-O VAM-74 PLATE 28 FEB 20.jpg TB 1880-O VAM-74 PLATE X 28 FEB 20.jpg

TB 1880-O VAM-74 PLATE AA 28 FEB 20.jpg

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